Asking the Question Why...

I ask each and every one of my students the question WHY. Why are they wanting to train? What are thier fitness goals? What are they looking to get out of thier workouts? What is most interesting is that WOMEN tell me that they want to get STRONG. They want to be EMPOWERED. They want TRUE STRENGTH. They want FUNCTIONAL STRENGTH. Basically, they want to lift heavy shit and they really just want to be STRONG.

What don't they want? Another important question to ask. They don't want to be mentally or physically exhausted. They don't want to be so sore that they cant function for days. And they don't want to get injured. It is literally our job as fitness professionals to keep people safe and injury-free while they are working out. Pavel Tsatsouline says to ALWAYS leave some gas in the tank after a workout - in other words, you should be able to finish out your day-to-day life without comprise. If you are destroyed after each workout, you really need to read about why less is more here...

Most women are looking for fitness that can add value to thier lives. They want to feel GOOD. They want that amazing buzzing feeling that your muscles get when you have had a proper work to rest ratio. The oh, yes, my lats, I feel where those are today kind of feeling. When they have treated thier body kindly and still tested thier limits and pushed themselves to their greatest potential, that is fitness success. When they have maintained good and proper form and technique throughout the workout and stopped on their own when that form starts to breakdown, that is fitness success. When women are excited about thier accomplishments and the goals they have smashed on a regular basis, that is fitness success.

When women can visually SEE  and FEEL themselves getting stronger week after week, it is truly an amazing transformation to watch and be a part of. I am so grateful for the opportunity to be a part of all these things with each of my sisters in strength. 

Love you guys <3

Photo credit:  Grace Portraits , McMinnville, Oregon

Photo credit: Grace Portraits, McMinnville, Oregon