GFM Cert

First, I am clearly terrible at blogging. 

Second, nobody is perfect.

Two weekends ago I attended the Ground Force Method Certification in Portland. It was a wonderful experience. And it was challenging. I struggled a bit because I was still recovering from emergency surgery from having my appendix removed 3 and a half weeks before. But I persevered the best I could. In the end I passed the cert. I have added a few of the things that I learned to my classes over the past two weeks and I hope to start adding in more more especially as we move into nicer weather. It is my intention to offer full GFM classes in the future as I learn and grow with the movements. I will keep you posted on those. More on GFM in another post (I promise) where you will hear all about being a sexy panther... Yes, you read that correct. Stay tuned!!

Meanwhile here is a look at what the Ground Force Exploration looks like... We will be starting all classes with this exploration next week. 

GFE - Ground Force Exploration with Andrea U-Shi Chang, Ground Force Method Global Instructor, StrongFirst Senior Instructor, and FMS Instructor. GROUND FORCE METHOD | MOVEMENT FROM THE GROUND UP Learn more here: