Importance of Small Group Training

Here is a quick look at the benefits of small group training...

Small Group Training Benefits:

  • Personal attention - Much more so than than larger group training. Each Kettlebell Rebellion class is personalized based on the needs, goals, and skills levels of each class. 
  • Adherence – Research shows that students that are involved in small group training are more likely stick with it. 
  • Support – Everyone is there to help you get through the challenges of the workout, and quite possibly some of the obstacles in life.
  • Camaraderie or Community - When people start exercising within a group, they establish relationships. They make communities and lasting friendships with other people in the group. Camaraderie is defined as a spirit of friendship and community between two people or a group of people.

If you have never tried small group training, I highly recommend that you give it a try sometime. And if it does not strike your fancy and you prefer to do things alone, here is a great little workout that you can do solo in the comfort of your own home...

Amanda learns the newest method to keep fit.
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