On being Average

I have been thinking a lot lately. Yep, about myself. Oh the horror, right? I am at the point where I need to start establishing "content" and focus on growing my business both in real life and online. This is exciting and honestly a little terrifying. I have asked a number of my friends who are also growing their businesses right now what they are doing and it seems we are all kind of in the same boat. We did not grow up with computers, the internet, google, social media.... none of it. And therefore we have all been more hesitant to use it as a platform. We are confused on what to even put out there. Does this make us sound old? Well, we kind of are. We are literally the old parents in a new world. It is crazy. How did this even happen? I feel like I should just go bake a pie in an apron or yell something like "get off my lawn"!!! But no, here I am trying to be savy in an electric world that I am unsure of. Anyway. I am trying. So if you see ridiculous Instagram content out there... it is because I am new at this. So please, have mercy. 

So the question remains -  what do I even put out there? I keep seeing that being your "authentic self" is the best. And to let people know why you are different or what makes you special.... What does that even mean? I am the most boring person in the world. The literal mom. My entire day is woven with managing classes and kids and feeding kids, and figuring out what is for dinner (and scrambling when I forget to take something out of the freezer early enough)... Annnd begging my 17 year old daughter to babysit for me on a daily basis.. usually so i can sneak off to train some jiu jitsu for a couple hours. 

I have taken some time to think about who I am and what makes me me and if there is anything "special". The glaring answer is - not really.

Here is a quick breakdown of some random things:

  • I am tall... but I am of average height for tall people.
  • I am strong... but I am just average strength for a strong woman. 
  • I am not skinny.... but I am not necessarily fat either.... very average. 
  • I can cook.... but just your average family meals.
  • I have a really big butt... however, I guarantee that Sr. Mix A Lot would say that it was just average.
  • I have a lot of kids (6).... but I know Amish people and Catholic's, so I am just average there too. 
  • I do a lot of jiu jitsu, sometimes even competitively.... but really, I am less than average at it.
  • I am not young.... but I am not exactly old either, average age. 
  • I have been married for a loooong time... but I know many who have been married longer. 
  • I am muscly.... but I will never be a body builder or a fitness model or power lifter (ok, maybe I will be a power lifter) I fit no typical fitness stereo types... 
  • I do however eat a lot olives..... is that a thing? 

OK, so there is a mini breakdown of a few things that quickly come to mind. Don't get me wrong, I am not sad about any of this. A lot of it is really awesome, but in what context? Awesome to me? Awesome to you? If I post about being strong, what does that even mean? For my gender? for my age? for my size? for how many children I have birthed? So is that what I put out there? That I am just an average human? Maybe.... that would actually be pretty damn authentic. 

#justhuman #averagehumans

Speaking of average humans.....

Remember this Twilight Zone episode? Oh, yeah! One of the best...

Remember this Twilight Zone episode? Oh, yeah! One of the best...

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