Will you ever become a majestic unicorn?

I saw a shirt on an impressively large man a few weeks ago that had the words "save the chubby unicorn" written on it and it had an image of a big old powerful rhino. I immediately wanted one for myself. Since then I have seen this image on many shirts and all over the internet. I love what it represents... Clarification: I love what it represents FOR ME. 

I have spent most of my adult life struggling with my body. I have given birth to 6 children over a period of 20 years... my body is never "snapping back". There is no "back". There is only forwards. This I know...


And yet I have spent most of my adult life looking at the proverbial picture of a majestic unicorn up on the wall while I miserably struggled to somehow fit that image. Ugh. So many years wasted hating my body.

So, it turns out I am not a unicorn, nor will I ever be one.

If you are luckily enough to actually be a majestic unicorn (and I know people who are, I gave birth to a few!!) then be the best damn unicorn that you can be. You are amazing and your genetics are spectacular! Your glorious genes shine upon us all!!! There is no shame in embracing the majestic unicornyness that you imbue.

However If you are striving to be a unicorn and you are really a mf rhino, just please stop and embrace your body type. Love yourself. See how it feels to be who you really are. Be the best rhino you can be!! Rhinos are majestic and beautiful beasts. And they are STRONG. And they are powerful! Tear down that photo of the unicorn and put up a powerful photo of a something that truly represents you... or even more radically, put up a photo of your strong beautiful SELF. Make space for that. Own that shit.


We need to change our way of thinking. We need to be rebellious and actually like ourselves, regardless.

And yes, we NEED to save the chubby unicorns!!! 

Deborah GarnettComment