March Maddness

Hey guys!

I am going to give this blogging thing one more try… Now that the building project is finished, it is time for me to start working on all of the other internal business renovations that were put on hold while that dream was becoming a reality. So, lots of changes are happening….

One big change is that my pricing model has completely changed since the beginning the year. I am no longer offering class punch cards. The main reason is that it forms lack of commitment on coming to scheduled classes. So to fix this, I have moved to a totally new system of monthly payments that will be automated through PayPal. To add value to this new system everyone will now have an online account where they will sign in and be able to track nearly everything fitness related, from weight-loss/weight-gain to strength goals to creating healthy lifestyle habits to tracking daily food intake. It is going to be awesome and I hope that everyone will be on board!! It makes way more sense as your coach to do things this way. as I will be able to keep track of everyone’s needs and fitness progress this way. The best part for you is that if you can not make it to class, you will still be part of the daily community and you will have access to the workout of the day (every week there will be 3 custom workouts for you in this program). You will be able to complete workouts either in class or at home and check in with us either on the forum or right inside the new program. You will be given login information after you are invoiced. If you are a current client and have not sent me your email, please do so no later than Sunday (March 3) so we can all be on the same page next week. This format also makes the workouts accessible to people who can not make it to any scheduled classes in person, for whatever reason (no child care, too far, no car, etc.) This is a reality for many people and a real block in attaining their fitness goals, so we will be welcoming people from all over with this new program.

For the month of March we will be continuing with the structure of “Boot Camp” style workouts. February turned out great and everyone who joined stuck to it for the whole month!! That is successful training!! At the beginning of the month we will set SMART goals and work towards them throughout the entire month. The workouts are a little more intense, but also a lot more fun because we all are working towards our own specific goals together and the support we receive from one another is priceless.

I hope to have the website fully integrated this weekend. If you have questions, please ask. I hope to make this new system work for all of us. And if you have not joined the new forum, please do so today…

In Strength,
Deb, from Oregon

When I talk about SMART goals… this is what I am talking about.

When I talk about SMART goals… this is what I am talking about.

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