Classes & Private Instruction

All Kettlebell Rebellion classes and private lessons are hardstyle kettlebell focused with StrongFirst principles. We focus on individual strength, form & technique, and mobility. 


Kettlebell Strength and Conditioning Small Group Classes

Monday - Friday

By combining kettlebells with a variety of body weight exercises and mobility drills, these all levels strength and conditioning classes will help you get stronger and build endurance. Swings and snatches will be the focus for ballistics days and slower and heavier grind days are filled with Turkish get-ups, presses, squats, and heavy swings. 

Private and Semi Private Kettlebell Training

Monday - Friday
Please be sure to make an appointment ahead of time for all private and semi-private instruction. 

Learn all the hardstyle kettlebell basics. We will learn how to safely Swing, Press, Squat, Clean, Snatch, and Turkish Get Up.

Partner Training

Monday - Friday
Please be sure to schedule an appointment ahead of time.

This simple concept comes from my own personal training. When I train with a partner I am always pushed to my maximum potential. I enjoy the encouragement, the friendly competition, and the comradery. Partner training can be the answer to accountability issues, motivation, intensity, boredom, or just not pushing yourself enough when training alone. You will need to know kettlebell basics for Partner Training. If you are very new to kettlebells, please choose the Kettlebell Training option or the Small Group Class options.  

Coach to Coach Instruction

Contact for available days, times, and pricing.

If you have kettlebells at your gym but you are not really sure what to do with them (this is more common than you would think) or if you are new to kettlebells and want to show your students how to properly use them, I can help you get comfortable and show you and/or your students the basics.