Why Train with Kettlebells

First let me just say that kettlebells can be for everyone. You do not need to be a certain level of fitness or an athlete to use them. My only disclaimer on this statement is this: always learn proper kettlebell form and technique, preferably from a Certified StrongFirst Instructor. If someone tells you to just pick up a bell and just start swinging without proper form and technique, don't blame the kettlebells when you are hurt.

Swing responsibly. Respect the bells. And feel great!!

Kettlebells provide the complete package in fitness. 
Here are the 3 big reasons to start training wit them:
Strength. Conditioning. Mobility.



  • Increase physical strength.

  • Create REAL functional strength that translates into activities of daily living.

  • Build mental strength.

  • Create unilateral Strength.


  • Improve cardiac and respiratory fitness.

  • Combine strength, flexibility, mobility and anaerobic training into one workout. 

  • Bridge the gap between strength training and cardio.

  • Amplify your power output.


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  • Improve overall mobility.

  • Regain lost functional movement patterns.

  • Learn how to move your body efficiently, strongly and with grace and power.

  • Get your body reacquainted with primal movement patterns that reconnect us to the ground.