Kettlebell Rebellion Training Options

Think you are too busy to get some serious training in? Think you are too old or too out of shape to strength train? Think again!!



It is time!!

Set goals. Create life long healthy habits. Get stronger. Move better. Feel empowered.


$80 per month This is where the hardcore kettlebell training is at. You will learn the DEEP 6 (swing, snatch, press, clean, squat, and Turkish Get-ups) plus some (armbars, farmers carries, bottoms up presses, windmills). All kettlebell skills will be based upon StrongFirst standards and methodology. We will be learning and using Ground Force Method as worm ups in these classes.
Monthly payments will be paid using PayPal unless otherwise arraigned.

  • Local class times:
    Mondays 9am, Tuesdays 6:30am, Wednesdays 10am, Thursdays 6:30am, Fridays 9am, Saturdays 7am

  • 55+ over classes:
    Tuesdays + Thursdays at 8:30am


$70 per hour. Jump start your fitness journey with private kettlebell lessons. Learn proper Russian hardstyle kettlebell form, technique, and safety from a certified StrongFirst coach. In person only, no online training.

Coming SOON…..


Coming Soon!! This is a very specific online fitness class that is laser focused on the specific issues and challenges women face especially during the first 2 - 3 years of training Brazilian jiu jitsu. It is for women jiu jitsu practitioners who want to increase their strength, mobility, conditioning and overall fitness based directly on the high demanding needs of Jiu Jitsu.

Important things to note: This is not a bjj class, so keep going to your regular jits classes and listen to your coaches. This is also not a competition prep class, we will not be talking about cutting weight in this class.

You will however learn how to effectively move better, and how to move stronger, with more fluidity. We will be talking some shop… you should know your basic bjj terms and have some idea of what they mean. i.e. triangles, kimuras, shrimp, bump and roll, mount, butterfly, etc. All workouts and exercises will be directly related to either improving your overall jiu jitsu game, and/or improving very specific and dynamic movement patterns, like take downs, x patterns, and rolls (forwards, backwards, granby, etc).

Online Nutrition Coaching

$80 per month

Nutrition + Kettlebell Training Package

$120 per month

Drop-In Classes

$15 per drop-in class. Not ready to commit to a training program? Try out a few classes first with this option.